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Pneumatic pulsation therapy combines reflexology massage, lymphatic drainage and the cupping therapy.

Pneumatron® 200 massage device

The Pneumatron® 200 massage device used in pneumatic pulsation therapy works by producing intermittent vacuum. During the procedure, the tissue is first pulled in by a stretching impulse (vacuum), after which the device immediately goes back into the relaxation phase (at atmospheric pressure). In this way, the tissue is put into motion and vibration.

Areas of application

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MED&CARE - distributor of therapeutic equipment

We are a distributor of the Pneumatron® therapeutic equipment. We are introducing innovative methods of treatment based on the usage of state-of-the-art medical technologies and actively participate in their implementation. Our offer includes Pneumatron® 200 and Pneumatron® Therm therapeutic massagers used for pneumatic pulsation therapy (PPT), which combines reflexology massage, lymphatic drainage, as well as the classic cupping therapy. Massage can be performed all over the body and also on the face.


Therapeutic pulsation therapy

A multifunctional therapeutic massager Pneumatron® 200 is used in the pneumatic pulsation therapy (PPT), and it produces intermittent vacuum. In the first step, the tissue is pulled in the vacuum by the stretching impulse. In the next one, the device immediately switches to the relaxation mode using the current atmospheric pressure. It is easy to observe that the tissue is thus put into an alternating motion and constant vibration. The Pneumatron® Therm massager is suitable for pain relief therapy and rehabilitation. It is also used in wellness centres. In addition to the distribution of massagers, our company also offers spare parts and accessories for the Pneumatron® 200 and Pneumatron® Therm models, which allow to expand their therapeutic possibilities. You are encouraged to read the details of the offer of the distributor of therapeutic equipment from Gdynia.

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