Alchemia Zdrowia invites you to pneumatic pulse therapy

Alchemia Zdrowia is a therapy room which supports classical medicine and pharmacotherapy. There is also a pneumatic pulse therapy, which combines reflexology massage, lymphatic drainage and Chinese cupping. Performing these three types of therapy is possible thanks to one device – Pneumatron that has just implement in the Alchemia Zdrowia.

Alchemy Zdrowia offers treatments and advices needed for the body to regeneration and revitalization the organism, such as:

  • consultations with a dietitian who plans nutritional support for sick people and patients who undergo exhaustive treatments, helps to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, as well as to cleanse the body of toxins lingering in the body,
  • rehabilitation with the use, depending on the needs, of classic, relaxation, segmental or sports massage,
  • near-infrared heat therapy in the infrared sauna, which regenerates pathologically affected areas through the appropriate wavelength, and allows you to get rid of toxins from the body,
  • acupuncture – a Chinese method of therapy that relieves pain, alleviates inflammation, improves the work of many organs and the general well-being of the patient.

Now Alchemia Zdrowia offers a new treatment – pneumatic pulse therapy using the Pneumatron device.

The device triggers rhythmically pulsating vacuum waves vertically to the body surface, relaxing the deeper areas of tissues, muscles and fascia, stimulating blood circulation and lymph flow rate. At a frequency of approximately 200 suction pulses per minute, the corresponding deeper areas of the body are activated in such a way that all metabolic functions of the tissue structures are improved.

Thanks to the massage with the use of the Pneumatron device, harmful products of metabolism and inflammatory mediators are removed from the organism. At the same time, the body’s own substances, such as hormones, vitamins, minerals, and above all oxygen, are transported to the cells, which improves regeneration.

Additionally apart from the regulation and relaxation of muscle tone, intensive blood circulation in the tissue and stimulation of lymph flow can be found after a short treatment with the Pneumatron device.

We are convinced that patients of Alchemia Zdrowia will love pneumatic pulse therapy due to its beneficial effects and the effect of pleasant relaxation.