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Reflexology massage

Reflexology is a therapeutic method that involves the application of pressure on points on the body that correspond to specific organs. Such a stimulation helps regulate the work of an abnormally functioning organ, it also affects the harmonisation of the interaction of the entire system. Reflexology focuses on the functioning of the body as a whole, taking into account both the physical, mental and emotional impact on the general condition.

Pneumatic pulsation therapy combines reflexology massage, lymphatic drainage and the cupping therapy.

Mechanisms of reflexology

Reflexology is also used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. This method checks the condition of the corresponding organs by pressing specific points. Soreness or altered sensitivity at a given site indicates that the organ is not working properly. The reflexologist stimulates the receptors and acts through the reflex arc on the organ. The receptors stimulated this way transmit information to the brain, which then checks the organ’s energy status. The brain decides whether the organ should be silenced or stimulated. This gives an anesthetic effect in a remote area of the body or reduces the tension in it.

Reflexology aims to achieve a balanced cooperation of all organs and systems in the body. Reflexology massage is also effective in stimulating the body's homeostasis processes.


  • analgesic effect,
  • improvement of immunity,
  • stabilisation of the heart rate,
  • lowering blood pressure (no feeling of cold hands and feet),
  • headache relief,
  • increasing the body’s natural self-regulation abilities,
  • cosmetic effect: improving the tightness and nourishment of the skin of the face, neckline and arms, as well as smoothing out wrinkles and evening out the skin tone.


  • stress, inability to actively relax,
  • feeling of physical and mental fatigue, overworking, chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • increased nervous tension,
  • hypertension,
  • problems with concentration and memorisation,
  • decreased immunity, susceptibility to infections, frequent allergies, chronic runny nose,
  • endocrine disorders,
  • digestive system disorders,
  • obesity or a problem with gaining weight,
  • experiencing strong emotions, traumas, emotional instability,
  • depression, anxiety
  • health prophylaxis.


  • complicated pregnancy,
  • cancers,
  • organ transplants,
  • a period from 3 months after extensive surgical procedures,
  • deep vein thrombosis,
  • broken blood vessels,
  • extensive athlete’s foot,
  • endoprostheses in the lower limbs,
  • injuries within the limbs and face,
  • inflammation and unhealed wounds on the feet and face,
  • infectious diseases of the skin.

Device for reflexology massage

Treatments are carried out on two devices for reflexology massage: Pneumatron® 200 and Pneumatron® Therm. These devices are used in aesthetic medicine centres, hospitals and physical therapy surgeries. They can also be used independently by the patients at their home. Our reflexology massage devices are simple and intuitive to use.
Pneumatyczna terapia pulsacyjna ciała
Pneumatic pulsation therapy

Cupping therapy effectively stimulates the body to fight many diseases and pain.

Cupping therapy

Cupping is an old method of treatment that can relieve pain, lower blood pressure, and remove toxins from the body. Classiccups are small glass vessels that stick to the skin when heated. The cup – when heated and attached to the body – generates pressure, which pulls the skin inside, and at the same time causes bursting of subcutaneous blood vessels. In this way, a small amount of blood appears on the skin, which the body’s defense system treats as a foreign body, which in turn mobilises the immune system to fight the infection.


  • removal of toxins from the body through the skin,
  • lowering blood pressure in patients with hypertension,
  • elimination of chronic back and neck pain,
  • elimination of muscle pain,
  • elimination of stiffness and pain caused by osteoarthritis,
  • elimination of neuralgia,
  • maintaining the proper level of sugar in the blood in people suffering from type 2 diabetes,
  • elimination of pain caused by narrowing of the arteries,
  • treatment of viral infections of the respiratory tract, manifested by runny nose, severe colds, sore throat, pharyngitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia,
  • improving the quality of sleep in people suffering from insomnia,
  • stimulating the digestive system to work.


  • heart diseases,
  • cancers,
  • anaemia,
  • fragility of blood vessels,
  • patients taking anticoagulants,
  • high fever,
  • shortness of breath
  • haemorrhagic diathesis.
Poprawa kondycji i wyglądu skóry - terapia ppm

Lymphatic massage restores normal lymph flow, and as a result, the swelling is reduced, and the skin becomes firm, supple and better nourished.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is the pressing and rubbing of the skin to stimulate circulation and lymph flow. The task of the lymph is to cleanse the body of toxins. Lymphocytes, the cells contained in the lymph, are part of the body’s immune system. When lymph is deposited in the subcutaneous layers, puffiness forms that block the flow of blood circulation. This causes puffiness around the eyes, mouth and limbs, especially the calves and ankles.


  • improving the functioning of the lymphatic system,
  • immediate muscle relaxation and elimination of swelling,
  • improving the appearance of the skin,
  • improvemingskin tone and eliminating morning swelling and dark circles under the eyes,
  • smoothing out skin unevenness,
  • reducing cellulite and preventing its formation,
  • improving the work of the heart by reducing blood resistance in the arteries,
  • better metabolism (oxygenation and faster removal of metabolic products),
  • prevention of peripheral circulatory failure, especially in the lower extremities, therefore it allows you to get rid of the so-called cold feet effect,
  • wellness,
  • treatment of lymphoedema.


  • fever
  • cancers,
  • skin inflammation,
  • wounds and skin damage,
  • skin diseases such as eczema, atopic dermatitis,
  • extensive post-traumatic haemorrhage,
  • heart defects, high hypertension, hyperthyroidism, arteriosclerosis, lymph node nodules, tonsillitis, and after tooth extractionlymphatic drainage should not be performed due to the risk of disease exacerbation.

Pneumatron 200 is used in pneumatic pulsation therapy, which works by creating intermittent vacuum. The tissue is first pulled in by the stretching impulse (vacuum), after which the device immediately goes back into the relaxation phase (at atmospheric pressure). In this way, the tissue is made to move and vibrate.

Tissue is an inert mass and therefore some force is required to achieve this vibration process. This force must also overcome the damping through internal frictional forces. Stefan Deny, the inventor of the Pneumatron 200, has spent many years testing various pump systems (piston pumps and diaphragm pumps). Eventually, he concluded that only a piston pump could maintain the desired rate of tissue vibration.

The vacuum effect sucks in the layers of tissue and muscles. The constantly changing impulse provides intensive treatment of the affected tissue section. This makes Pneumatic Pulsation Therapy (PPT) different from other cupping treatments that create a constant vacuum.

This therapy simultaneously activates the movement of tissue fluids. Thus, all metabolic products, inflammatory mediators and environmental pollutants accumulated in the matrix can be dissolved more effectively and excreted from the body through accelerated blood and lymph flow. This process is known as the purification or regeneration of the causal matrix.


Faster and more effective detoxification of the body.

At the same time, substances such as vitamins, minerals and hormones are transported to cell complexes and made available to the body to ensure optimum metabolic performance.

Better metabolic performance.

The intensity of the vacuum is infinitely adjustable and can range from -0.1 bar (very gentle for lymphatic drainage and face) to -0.8 bar.

The vacuum level should be within a range comfortable for the patient and should not cause pain. Strong tensions can lead to the so-called “pain of well-being”, which is completely safe, and since each body feels differently, the person to be treated with this therapy determines the intensity of the application to feel comfortable during the procedure and enjoy the full benefits of the therapy.

Pneumatyczna terapia pulsacyjna dłoni

Application in pain management

The neurons of the gelatinous substance are activated by the stimulation of thick, rapidly conducting A-beta fibers, which reduces pain impulses from afferent nociceptive neurons.

The Pneumatron® 200 can also be used in segment therapy with the use of reflex zones and trigger points.

Pneumatic pulsation therapy supports the body in a very specific and targeted way in its important excretory processes, which are essential for maintaining good health. This method activates the body’s own cleansing and self-healing mechanisms.

PPM can also use the healing power of heat or cold – the Pneumatron® therm is used in the therapy.