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Pneumatron® Therm

Thanks to the combination of massage and thermal therapy, a faster and more optimal improvement in blood circulation is achieved, muscle relaxation and a reflex effect on internal organs.

Pneumatic thermal pulsation massage is:

  • Insulating handle,
  • Heating cassette,
  • Pneumatron therm – metal thermal bell.

Areas of application of the Pneumatron Therm:

  • Pain management and rehabilitation
  • Wellness and aesthetic medicine

The thermal bells can be heated or cooled as indicated.

termiczny masażer pulsacyjny

Advantages of the thermal pulsation massager

  • It saves time, if bells are available preheated or cooled, a local
  • prompt application can be carried out without much preparation.
  • The patient is not “packed away or put on ice” first – they treated immediately.
  • For the compression appeal of the massage the expansion in the tissue comes in the sucking phase, which, combined with the vasodilatation of the application of heat, leads to an increased evacuation of metabolites and inflammatory mediators, as well as an improved oxygen provision
  • The Thermal Pulsation Massage is directly combinable with manual massages or mobilisation techniques
The shape of the thermal pulsation massager with the Pneumatron therm enables more effective use of the proven possibilities of the pneumatic pulsation massager.

Pneumatron therm cups can be used with all the Pneumatron devices.

The metal parts of the Pneumatron therm (thermal cups) are brought to the correct temperature in a heating or cooling device (refrigerator). During the massage, the thermal cups are placed in the handle. The handle can be used during massage and at the same time acts as a thermal insulation.

This prevents temperature from acting on the user’s hands and thermal exchange between the metal parts (thermal cups) and the surrounding air.