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Aesthetic medicine

In addition to the painful, invasive and costly treatments, there is a non-invasive and painless way to make the skin appear firmer, younger and more beautiful. This is PPT.

In the world of cosmetology, various methods are used, thanks to which the body and skin become more beautiful and healthier. Cosmetic and aesthetic medicine centres also offer many anti-aging treatments.

Pneumatic pulsation massage is an effective solution to:


  • Smooth and supple skin
  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system
  • Purification of adipose tissue
  • Activation of skin cells and tissue revitalisation

Mostly women suffer from cellulite. In addition to hormonal differences, this is due to the special structure of their connective tissue, located between the muscles and the skin.

The structure of female connective tissue fibers runs perpendicularly to the skin surface. As a result, fat cells can fuse and, as a collection of cells, push themselves towards the surface of the skin, where they become visible as unwanted concavity. Therefore, gaining weight always contributes to the deterioration of the appearance of the skin due to cellulite.

Pregnancy stretch marks develop mainly as a result of decreased metabolic activity within the subcutaneous connective tissue. That is why the support and activation of skin cells are clearly the primary goal of each treatment.

The purpose of PPT is to dissolve fat deposits, accumulated water, metabolic end products in the subcutaneous tissue and to flush them out by effectively stimulating cellular and lymph metabolism. In this way, tissue and skin areas can be revitalised and regenerated.

Firming the body

  • Firming the tissue
  • Regain vitality and flexibility
  • Muscle blood supply

ujędrnienie ciała

Firming the abdomen

After pregnancy or weight loss, a “skin apron” is often left on the belly. With the help of the Pneumatron®, you can help re-firm this problematic area.

After or during pregnancy, or after heavy weight loss, bluish streaks may initially appear due to extreme stretching of the skin in the abdominal area. 70% -90% of mums have bluish or reddish flickering cracks in the subcutaneous tissue on the chest, abdomen, hips or buttocks. Thanks to the pneumatic pulsation therapy, the tissue can be tightened again and the blue-reddish stretch marks can be alleviated.

Firming the arms

Many women experience problems with sagging skin on their arms after weight loss or at the latest after they reach middle age. In addition to appropriate muscle exercises, the pneumatic pulsation therapy supports the lymph flow and gently and permanently tightens the skin in this often very sensitive area.

Firming the breasts

Particularly in the upper outer quadrant of the female breast, metabolic end products and environmental pollutants can accumulate and settle over time. Unfortunately, this is also the area of ​​tissue where breast cancer is most commonly found (around 50% of breast cancer diagnoses concern this area).
These adhesions and indurations affect the circulation of fluid in the tissues and the supply of oxygen and nutrients. Lymph flow decreases and breast tissue loses its vitality and elasticity.
With the help of PPT, it is possible to activate the metabolism of the chest tissue in a natural way, because the treatments stimulate and support the flow rate of blood and interstitial fluid. This promotes the removal of locally accumulated metabolic end products in the breast tissue.
The main purpose of applying PPT to the breast is the activation of the thoracic lymph nodes and the related stimulation of the lymphatic drainage system. At the same time, the chest muscles can be better supplied with blood and nutrients.

Hair and scalp

  • Improving the condition of the hair
  • Hair loss inhibition
  • Effective supply of hair roots with nutrients
  • Stimulating hair growth

poprawa kondycji włosów

In the case of hair growth disorders or hair loss, the most important goal remains the stimulation of hair-specific nutrients in the scalp, as only a sufficient and fast-acting basic supply of these nutrients to the hair roots can stop hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

With the Pneumatron®, you can pleasantly and gently stimulate the blood supply to the hair roots, without damaging or tearing out the remaining hair on the head. With the help of the Pneumatron®, the bells gently slide over the head in both hairy and hairless areas.

PPT  with the Pneumatron® can stimulate supply vessels and activate the supply of nutrients to the hair follicles in the scalp tissue. Thanks to the acceleration of blood circulation in the tiny capillaries, the hair follicles and hair roots in the scalp are supplied more intensively with important nutrients and oxygen. The scalp can regenerate – hair growth is stimulated in a natural way. The use of PPT  is also possible on very thick hair.


  • Smoothing wrinkles
  • Removal of double chin and sagging cheeks
  • Reduction of bags under the eyes
  • Firming the skin
  • Rapid tissue rejuvenation

wygładzenie zmarszczek

The main cause of weak connective tissue in the face and around the neckline is limited capacity of the resistance tissue, lower capillary blood circulation and the associated insufficient supply of oxygen and important endogenous tissue nutrients. Connective tissue also serves as a water reservoir, so drinking plenty of fluids is especially important for a fresh and healthy appearance.

As a rule, the body contains enough substances and nutrients necessary for the skin. However, with age, they often only enter the tissue cells to a limited extent. PPT with the Pneumatron® activates blood circulation in the skin, and through the lymphatic flow, it permanently and intensively stimulates the supply of nutrients and the discharge of metabolic end products.

The damaging harmful substances and inflammatory mediators are released especially from the skin tissue, are accelerated by the blood and lymph flow and transported to the body’s own detoxification and excretory organs.

Tissue metabolism is strongly activated, the skin can better absorb and use vitamins, minerals and hormones present in the body. PPT regenerates tissues and skin faster, firms the skin and improves its appearance.

As the pores open slightly when using the Pneumatron®, this massage is very suitable for additionally massaging the skin with nutrients from ampoules and lotions. At the same time, the dead skin cells are gently removed and accumulate on the rim of the bell. Therefore, even with very sensitive skin, a gentle exfoliation can occur without irritating it.

Neck and neckline

  • Younger appearance
  • Firming of the connective tissue
  • Restoring flexibility

leczenie powięzi

The signs of aging in the neck and neckline unfortunately become visible very quickly. It is in these regions that the skin has few sebaceous glands and subcutaneous fat. This leads to faster drying. Solar radiation and free radicals promote this premature aging because the fluids cannot be stored well here. As a result, the elastic fibres in this area also sag very quickly.

Using the Pneumatron®, you can gently and effectively insert the ampoules with liquid or serum and make the connective tissue firm. As a result of a gentle pneumatic pulsation massage, increased blood circulation makes the skin appear firmer, and the tissue gains elasticity and flexibility.


  • Pain prevention
  • Reduction of the feeling of heavy legs

Millions of women suffer from a disease called lipoedema. The disease progresses and usually begins with hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, menopause). Also, strong weight gain and sustained stress promote lipoedema.

The disturbances in fat distribution mainly affect the thighs, the buttocks and hips area, the inside of the knee joints and shin. In the advanced stage, the arms are often affected as well; according to patients’ experience, this most often happens from stage II upwards. Lipoedema spares the feet and hands, causing the fatty tissue to hang over them and form a sort of collar. Even light pressure is painful for patients and is prone to bruising.

Lipoedema is painful, depending on its severity. It is divided into three stages and in the course of its duration you can have a soothing effect on it.

Pneumatic pulsation therapy can also be used by the patients themselves at any stage. The therapy relieves pain, gently unblocks the treated areas and thus reduces the weight of the legs.

Regular use of PPT is essential. Similarly, you should pay attention to a low-protein diet. In the event of lipoedema, it is not advisable to exercise excessively in order not to overload the entire lymphatic system. :Lght Nordic walking, swimming and walking are recommended.

Skin diseases

• Improving the condition and appearance of the skin in case of diseases:
– Psoriasis
– Hives
– Shingles
– Atopic dermatitis
– Skin allergies
– Acne
– Skin damage due to burns / chemical burns
• Rapid healing of skin irritations

poprawa kondycji skóry

Many skin conditions can develop as a result of the body’s excretory disorders and are a regulatory disorder of the immune system. Besides, stress can also have a negative impact on the existing skin diseases. The end products of metabolism, as well as harmful substances present in food and the environment, accumulate in the body and are discharged through the skin. The overloaded body reacts with skin eczema, oozing blemishes and peeling.

PPTwith the Pneumatron® stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation while naturally removing harmful substances. The more the subcutaneous tissue is perfused and activated, the sooner visible healing of skin irritations can begin. 

Additional treatment of the entire surface of the back tissues is very important, as there are many reflex zones (Head’s zones) here, which are connected via skin segments with the excretory organs. In order to stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood vessels, it is also advisable to perform treatments on the inner surfaces of the arms and legs.
PPT can also be used in the case of skin diseases other than those mentioned above.


  • Deep cleansing action
  • Softening scars
  • A nicer looking skin

leczenie trądziku

Acne mainly occurs in people aged 13 to 23, but due to hormonal or metabolic disorders, it can also persist in adults. Unfortunately, after acne pustules heal, there are often small scars that make the skin look unattractive. Clogged pores can be gently opened with PPT. Inflammatory mediators are carried away through increased blood flow and stimulation of lymphatic flow. Initial deterioration may occur after the first treatments, but it gradually subsides with regular treatments with the Pneumatron®. The skin becomes cleaner and healthier.
Small scars can be softened by gentle, pulsating stretching, which improves the appearance of the skin.

As a result of the pulsating suction effect in the bell, deep cleansing of the skin begins immediately, which is visible in the form of dead skin cells accumulating in the bell.

At the end of the treatment session, the remainings of particularly deep blackheads can be easily removed. In addition to the external cleansing effect, the use of PPT activates lymphatic drainage, which in the case of acne is especially important and preventive. This can help prevent acne from developing again.


• Reduction of scars

spłycanie blizn

Scars may be prone to hypo- and hypersensitivity, the formation of adhesions and bulges. Often limited mobility occurs and then it is recommended to perform the treatments with the Pneumatron® in advance. As soon as the scar is completely healed, PPTcan be used.

The use of PPTcauses relaxationof muscle tissue structures and stimulation of cellular metabolic processes. As a result of pulsation, the fused and thickened fascial tissue is gently, painlessly stretched and mobilised. The circulation of fluids is stimulated, which regenerates and protects the tissue. In this way, the body’s own wound healing processes are supported.