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Treatment with the Pneumatron 200 helps you get rid of arm pain and achieve a better quality of life!

Arm pain, caused, for example, by sports injuries or osteoarthritis, not only makes it difficult to carry out daily activities, but also disrupts sleep at night. This pain can become chronic and cause increasing discomfort in life.

Shoulder and arm pain caused by, for example, sports injuries, arthrosis, acromial calcification or shoulder pain syndrome not only adversely affects functioning in everyday life, but also significantly disrupts sleep at night and can quickly turn into chronic pain.

With the help of the Pneumatron®, this cycle of pain can be interrupted by activating the body’s self-healing powers through increase in the blood supply to the smallest vessels and muscles. As a result, better dissolution of the agglomerates occurs and an increased nutrient supply is ensured.

In the case of acromial calcification, Pneumatron® can support the removal of the calcification focus. By increasing the speed of blood flow in the capillaries and lymphatic vessels, the body also supports the process of removing inflammatory mediators. In the case of arthrosis, the pulsation provides the articular cartilage in the joint with the body’s own nutrients, thus reducing the degradation of the cartilage mass. Treatments with the Pneumatron® cause a noticeable relief of the patient’s functioning in everyday life and help to achieve a better quality of life.

Calcification around the shoulder, painful shoulder syndrome, arthrosis, contusions and other sports injuries

Connect the largest silicone bell to a single line and apply it directly to the shoulder with an intensity pleasant for the patient. Let the bell pulse for approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Then take the smaller bell and slide it in a star-shaped way from the centre of the shoulder to the armpit.

You can work with massage oil or cream. It is also recommended to use special “painkiller oils”. In case of allergies, pay attention to their ingredients. After the procedure, make slight rotational movements and make the patient turn the arm in all directions, as much as the pain permits.

PPT works up to 48 hours. After the first treatment, it may deteriorate! Treatments about 2-3 times a week.

The treatment is more effective if the patient drinks a large glass of water or unsweetened herbal tea immediately before and after the treatment.

If the intensity is set too high or the procedure is performed with the Pneumatron® for a very long time in one place, a haematoma may form. Haematomas are broken down by the body within a few days. Then, select a shorter treatment duration and lower intensity settings. Use low intensity at first. The treatment should always be pleasant, and this feeling is very individual for each patient.