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Back pain is mainly cause by a sitting lifestyle, stress, too little exercise, herniated discs, sports injuries or bad posturę. Back pain not only hinders everydays activities, but also disturbs night sleep. The pain may develop into a chronić one and result in increased discomfort.


Pneumatyczny masaż pulsacyjny na ból pleców

Pneumatic pulsation therapy effectively removes troublesome back pain!

Back pain arises as a result of working in a sitting position, one-sided load, too little movement, disc herniation, sports injuries or bad posture, among others. Pain not only restricts daily functioning, but also significantly disrupts sleep and can turn into chronic pain very quickly.

This pain cycle can be stopped with the Pneumatron®. Due to the increased blood flow in the smallest vessels and muscles, the tissue is relaxed and better supplied. The clumps are dissolved and nutrients are delivered to the affected parts of the body through the increased blood circulation. In addition, due to the increased speed of blood and lymph flow, tissues receive support in the discharge of inflammatory mediators.

A clinical study confirms the positive effect of the Pneumatron® in the case of cervical spine ailments.

It is also possible to use the Pneumatron® on the hair in the neck area and at the base of the skull.


Treatment on your own

Place large silicone bells with retaining rings on the painful areas and let them pulsate for a few minutes. You can start with a single line. With a little practice, you can also use the double line by yourself. PPT can be used both with and without massage oils. Please pay attention to the intensity and duration of the treatment. They should always be within a pleasant range.

Pneumatron® treatments can also be easily performed in the cervical spine with a single line and a medium (37 mm) acrylic glass bell.

Performing the procedure on a partner

Select the appropriate bell and slide on the entire back .Thanks to the massage oils, the bell slide freely across your back.

The Pneumatron® can also be used on the spine, as no pressure is exerted.

PPT works up to 48 hours. After the first treatment, it may deteriorate! Treatments about 2-3 times a week.

The treatment is more effective if the patient drinks a large glass of water or unsweetened herbal tea immediately before and after the treatment.

If the intensity is set too high or the  Pneumatron® procedure is performed for a very long time in one place, a haematoma may form. Haematomas are broken down by the body within a few days. Then select a shorter treatment duration and lower intensity settings. Use low intensity at first. The treatment should always be pleasant, and this feeling is very individual for each patient.

Nutrients are delivered to diseased parts of the body through increased blood circulation, and the removal of inflammatory mediators is supported by an increased flow rate of blood and lymph.