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After just a few PPT applications, the patient gains a new, better quality of life!

Joint problems, runner’s knee, and arthrosis are very common today in people of all ages and severely limit their quality of life. There are many reasons for this problem.

Very quickly, after just a few treatments with the Pneumatron®, you will feel the difference and gain a new quality of life. Rhythmic sucking promotes blood circulation. The simple operation of the Pneumatron® also enables its effective use in home therapy. Performing treatments at home opens up the possibility of using many other functions of the Pneumatron®.

Runner's knee

If both knees are sick, treatments can be performed simultaneously on both the knees using a double line. Sit on a very high chair or table so that your legs hang down and don’t touch the floor.

Initially, set the intensity slightly higher and place both large silicone bells on your lap until they get sucked. The intensity can then be reduced to make it pleasant for the patient. Leave the bells on the knees for about 3-5 minutes and lightly swing your legs.

Then, put a 3 cm diameter silicone bell on a single line and move it smoothly in a star-shaped manner from the centre of the knee for about 5 minutes.

PPT can be combined with muscle oil. Magnesium oil is also very suitable. If you are allergic, pay attention to the ingredients.

PPT works up to 48 hours. After the first treatment, it may deteriorate! Treatments about 2-3 times a week.

The treatment is more effective if the patient drinks a large glass of water or unsweetened herbal tea immediately before and after the treatment.

If the intensity is set too high or the procedure with the Pneumatron® is performed for a very long time in one place, a haematoma may form. Haematomas are broken down by the body within a few days. Then, select a shorter treatment duration and lower intensity settings. Use low intensity at first. The treatment should always be pleasant, and this feeling is very individual for each patient.