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Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow

Thanks to PPT, the elbow stops hurting and becomes flexible. It's possible to do everyday activities and play sports again!

Many tennis players and golfers complain of pain in the elbow. This pain is also often felt by people who are not involved in sports, but work a lot, straining the elbow.


Mięśnie i ścięgna są przeciążone przez nadużywanie. Konsekwencją jest ból przy wykonywaniu ruchu, który uniemożliwia nie tylko uprawianie wielu sportów, ale sprawia, że codzienne życie staje się udręką.

This pain is caused by overloaded muscles and tendons, by straining them and also by the sparing position. The consequence is pain during movements, which can significantly limit daily functioning, prevent many sports and make everyday life a chore.

With Pneumatron®, muscles and tendons can be pleasantly stretched and blood circulation stimulated. Hardened muscles are relaxed, supplied with the body’s own nutrients, and the arm can become light and fit again.

Treatment proposal

Tennis / golfer’s & housewife’s arm

Apply a large silicone bell directly to the elbow for about 3 to 5 minutes with a pleasant intensity. Then put it on the front of your forearm, wait for it to suck and let it pulsate for another 5 minutes. Finally, apply the small bell through all the painful areas in the elbow.

PPT works up to 48 hours. After the first treatment, it may deteriorate! Treatments about 2-3 times a week.

The treatment is more effective if the patient drinks a large glass of water or unsweetened herbal tea immediately before and after the treatment.

If the intensity is set too high or the procedure is performed with the Pneumatron® for a very long time in one place, a haematoma may form . Haematomas are broken down by the body within a few days. Then select a shorter treatment duration and lower intensity settings. Use low intensity at first. The treatment should always be pleasant, and this feeling is very individual for each patient.

Thanks to PPT with the Pneumatron® 200, it is possible to comfortably stretch muscles and tendons and promote blood circulation. The muscles are relaxed and better nourished.