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Rehabilitation and physiotherapy



Recently, I used a pneumatic pulse massage performed by Aleksandra from MED&CARE. I asked for a back massage because I have been suffering from back pain for a long time, especially in the lower part, after working in the garden and standing for a long time. I was quite skeptical about this treatment because all the other massages did not bring me relief for a long time. After the massage with thermal cups (I was offered something like this for the first time), I am very pleasantly surprised. The back pain is almost gone, I get out of bed more easily, and at night I don't wake up because of the pain.
I will recommend the therapy to my friends. Polecę znajomym.

Monika, age 41

I have had the Pneumatron® device since 2002. Due to the sitting position at work, I have had huge problems with my spine in the lumbar region for years. X-rays, MRI, and spine measurements failed to explain their cause. Also, massages and physiotherapy only helped temporarily. No doctor could help me.

In my dentist's waiting room, I found information about the Pneumatron®. His wife, a therapist, worked with him. I had treatments several times a week and noticed that they helped me a lot of. But in the long run, I couldn't afford the treatment.

So I bought this device myself and performed the treatments every day. After a week, the pain was gone and it stayed that way. I use a double tube and two 13 cm diameter silicone cups that I place on either side of my spine and move from bottom to top at certain intervals, every morning for a total of 10 to 15 minutes at high intensity.

I am now 87 years old and I hope the Pneumatron @ will keep me in good shape.

Irmgard S

Working with the Pneumatron® device is one of the most important procedures in my natural medical room. My positive experience: the treatment is more pleasant for my patients and it works
deeper than a conventional, classic manual vacuum massage. 
My patients confirm that they like the Pneumatron® treatments very much.
My positive experiences confirm that with the Pneumatron® device you can quickly
and to permanently release tension and stimulate the metabolism. I use the Pneumatron® for mild
scar removal and lymphatic drainage. 
Already during the procedure, patients feel relief and an improvement in well-being, which persists later for a long time.

Barbara Stechert
Therapist, Braunschweig

For several years, expect of traditional cupping, we have been successfully using pneumatic pulsation therapy with the Pneumatron® device. Using the Pneumatron®, we were able to gain experiencefrom the treatment of over 1000 patients with chronic pain syndromes. Especially in indications of chronic neck pain, chronic pain in the lower back and painful
knee arthrosis we have consistently achieved very good results in reducing pain and improving organ function.
Moreover, this therapy was successful in the treatment of connective tissue. Prof. dr med. Andreas Michalsen Head of the Natural Medicine Department at the Immanuela in Berlin and beneficiary of the foundation professorship for clinical natural medicine at the Institute of Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics of the Charité University Teaching Hospital in Berlin

Prof. dr med. Andreas Michalsen
Ordynator Oddziału Medycyny Naturalnej w szpitalu im. Immanuela w Berlinie i beneficjent profesury fundacyjnej ds. klinicznej medycyny naturalnej w Instytucie Medycyny Społecznej, Epidemiologii i Ekonomiki Zdrowia Uniwersyteckiego Szpitala Klinicznego Charité w Berlinie

12 years ago I met Pneumatron® at my therapist and chiropractic. I suffered from tension in the area of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. I also had a left shoulder pain syndrome. Chiropractic treatments and the use of the Pneumatron® device meant that after 10 hours of treatments I did not feel any pain.

Unfortunately, my therapist changed his place of residence and my ailments worsened again after some time. So in 2008 I decided to buy a Pneumatron®. This investment has fully paid off. As soon as even the slightest signs of pain appear, I immediately use a 13 cm suction cupping treatment - and the pain subsides again.

Elfi K.

I use Pneumatron® mainly for muscle hardening, tensions, clumps and lumbago, as well as for strains, back problems and joint ailments. I had a particularly good experience with RLS. This device has already worked for me many, many hours, bringing me many positive effects.

Karl K.

Rehabilitation and physiotherapy rooms

The patient whom I performed the back treatment was very pleased. She found this treatment much more pleasant than manual cupping therapy. She described the effects as surprising.

Working with the Pneumatron device relieves the therapist a lot and creates many new therapy possibilities. I definitely recommend!!!

Physiotherapist, Kisielice

I present the patients' feelings that they conveyed during the procedure.
Sufficient suction, pleasantly intense pulling sensation.
After the procedure, relaxation and reduction of muscle tension.
During the treatment, the face feels stretched, relaxed, and the skin becomes more elastic after the treatment.
For the therapist, the preparation of tissues before the main therapy has an easy effect without using the force of the therapist.
Thank you very much for the opportunity to use the Pneumatron device.

Physiotherapist, Choszczno

Pneumatron @ is very often used for the following therapies, injuries or problems:
subacute bruising, hematoma in the soft tissue area, muscle changes such as myogellosis, muscle imbalance, induration. 
The list of possible applications for the Pneumatron @ can be much longer. In combination with other therapies in the field of physiotherapy, we are very pleased with the Pneumatron @ and we will continue to use it as often as necessary.

Wolfgang Gebhardt
Medical Department, FC Bayern München

The Pneumatron @ 200 makes the therapy of our footballers much easier.
We basically use it to massage our soccer players after a manual massage that much
strengthens its impact, especially with very tense and hard muscles.
The Pneumatron @ 200 is used in particular in the following areas:
- relaxation of muscle tension, chronic lumbar pain, disorders of the cervical spine,
- tendons, ligaments, tension, muscle tears, rehabilitation after sports injuries.
In the case of injuries, the silicone cups, which is used around the site, has proven its worth trauma. After 10 days, the therapy is applied directly to the injury, setting the intensity of the apparatus to a low.
This therapy avoids lymphatic blockages. Our players feel a clear pain relief.
Additionally, with all these benefits, back massage with the Pneumatron @ 200 provides mental relaxation, especially important both before strenuous physical exertion and and after exhausting matches.

Peter Meier
Physiotherapist, FC Hansa Rostock eV

At the very beginning of the competition in Calgary, Natalie Geisenberger was able to benefit from the effectiveness of pneumatic pulsation therapy.
A fall during training at Whistler led to a rupture of the external ligament of the right foot,
as well as hematoma and calf edema. By accelerating the blood and lymph flow, rapid absorption could be achieved
and edema regression.
The painful tension in the left calf resulting from the muscle imbalance was quickly eliminated
thanks to the deep and effective impact of applicators sliding on the surface of the skin.
Thanks to such efficiency, in addition to the necessary combination with physiotherapeutic agents, the athlete was able to start and took 2nd place in the first competition of the World Championship.

Claus Alt
Sports physiotherapist of Natalie Geisenberger