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stefan deny
Stefan Deny (1922-1998)

Massage is one of the oldest medical treatments. So is cupping – a traditional process that has been used successfully already in ancient China.

Stefan Deny (1922-1998), physician and inventor, perfectly combined these two procedures. During a decade-long research project, he invented
and developed a modern, easy-to-use device for performing pneumatic pulse massage, which he then patented.
Stefan Dena’s goal was to reach the deeper layers of tissues using a device that allows the body to perform a pulsed massage that vertically stretches the tissue from the inside out.

He carried out his experiments for a long time to obtain the appropriate frequency, until he found that optimal mechanical movements and perfect vibrations in all tissue segments are achieved at about 200 pulses per minute (about 3 Hz).

By optimizing the lymphatic system while accelerating blood circulation, which is made possible by the present method, an improvement in the overall cellular metabolism of the tissue structure has finally been achieved.

From now on, all the processes of self-healing and detoxification of the body can proceed with greater accuracy and faster thanks to the new treatment method with the use of a pneumatic pulse massager.

Modern medical research recognizes the significant impact of connective tissue and fascia on health. Stefan Deny was way ahead of his time with his approach.

The activities, which were based on the knowledge and creativity of doctor Stefan Deny, pioneer and inventor of the pneumatic pulse massager who developed the first prototype of the patented Pneumatron 200 device, are successfully continued by his daughter, Barbara Deny-Jahnke.

Today, Pneumed, founded by Stefan Deny, is an important player in the medical market.