Workshop with the use of the Pneumatron @ 200 in Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego in Warsaw

Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego in Warsaw at Grenadierów 30a street in the frames of project “Integrated development of vocational education” implemented by the Self-Government of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship with the participation of Agencja Rozwoju Mazowsza S.A. expanded its base of teaching aids with an innovative device for pneumatic pulse therapy (PPT/M) – Pneumatron @ 200. Students who are training in the profession of a masseur technician will now be able to work on professional equipment that combines reflexology massage, lymphatic drainage and a classic method of cupping treatment.

Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego educates youth and adults in professions for which there is a high demand on the labor market. The school is an ideal choice for people who would like to connect their professional future with helping others.

Students training in the professions of a masseur technician, as well as a cosmetic service technician, will be able to expand their professional skills using professional Pneumatron @ 200 equipment during classes in subject laboratories.

The device triggers rhythmically pulsating pressure waves vertically to the body surface, relaxing the deeper areas of tissues, muscles and fascia, stimulating blood circulation and lymph flow rate. At a frequency of approximately 200 suction pulses per minute, the corresponding deeper areas of the body are activated in such a way that all metabolic functions of the tissue structures are improved.

Students who will work with this equipment will find that PPT/M treats various ailments and diseases in a targeted, painless and highly effective way. This applies in particular to all chronic and difficult-to-treat ailments. This therapy is also very often used in prophylaxis.

The Pneumatron @ 200 allows to develop own application techniques. We hope that the students of the Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego will find their own way of working with the device, which will bring a lot of benefits and satisfaction to both them and their future patients.

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